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K-5 Virtual Resources

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K-5 Virtual Resources
by Ashley Rogan - Monday, October 5, 2020, 7:33 AM

Virtual Resource Activities 




This week we are going to continue with Hispanic Heritage month.  

 Please go and login to Epicbooks to follow the link for this week’s book.  

Have your students open up their web browser and 



Enter class code 



Select their name 
View and edit class roster 


This week we are learning about famous Mexican Dancer Amalia Hernandez in the book “Danza.” You can find the book at this link.  


You can listen to me read it to you here:  


Here are some videos of the dances that are mentioned in this book. (you don’t have to watch the whole videos, just watch enough to see the differences)  

Sones jarochos from Veracruz, Mexico- 

La danza del venado (dance of the deer)- from the Yaqui people of the Sonoran Desert-  

La danza de los quetzales (dance of the quetzals (it’s a  type of bird from Mexico it looks kind of like a parrotand you can find it on the Mexican flag) 

 - from the Nahuas & Totonco people- 

La gran Tenochtitlan- from the area that is currently Mexico City- (you can see the emblem from the Mexican flag on the background of the stage.)  

El Jarabe Tapatio- Jalisco, Mexico - 


Hey everyone!  

This week we’re watching Piano Guys.  There are piano coloring pages at the following links.  



Dear students and family members, 

The physical education team at our school is working with resources from to help you stay physically active and healthy at home. In order to meet physical education goals during this time students must be physically active for 60 minutes each day. However, I realize that Elementary students are only scheduled P.E. twice a week right now, but I would recommend students still try and do some sort of physical activity daily. Use the link below to record your activity time. (Activity logs are optional) 

Remember, activity time doesn’t have to happen all at once. You can add up your total activity throughout the day to equal 60 minutes. Students, at the end of each day should ask a family member to initial next to their activity. Then, return the finished log to your physical education teacher when you go back to school. (Students will get prize for activity logs returned) 

Your physical education teachers would also like you to visit the file links below for your grade level. From there you’ll be able to download and print physical education resources that are fun and can be done at home. (These activities are just suggestions, not mandatory.) You’re welcome to choose your own activities, such as, Jump-roping, Jogging, Playing at the park, etc. 

Stay active and stay well. Don’t hesitate to e-mail me with any questions. 


Coach Gerace 


Respect is also an act of giving attention or showing care. Choose one (or both) of the activities below to do for skills this week.  


  • Look through magazines for pictures that show people respecting others' differences or pictures of different kinds of people working or playing together. “I Respect Differences" collage.  

  • Make a song to the poem below:  
    We say, “Thank you.”  
    We say, “Please.”  
    We don’t interrupt or tease.  
    We don’t argue. We don’t fuss.  
    We listen when folks talk to us.  
    We share our toys and take our turn.  
    Good manners aren’t too hard to learn.  
    It’s really easy, when you find  
    Good manners means…  
    Just being kind 


~Mrs. Williams  


Hola Clase! September 15 – October 15 is National Hispanic Heritage Month.   

A huge part of any culture is dance, but it is a VERY big part of the culture in Spanish Speaking countries. So, this week, we are going to Baila (dance)!  

Click on the link to dance along with some Music from Coco. 

Click on this link to learn to dance the Flamenco from Spain. 

Click here to learn how to dance Salsa-  

Learn one of the dances from the Caribbean Spanish speaking islands called- Soca  

Click here to learn how to dance to a slow Reggaeton song, from Puerto Rico - 

Please don’t hesitate to email me with any questions, 

Señora Medlock 


Pumpkin Catapult 

You need to send a pumpkin over the fence to your neighborhood:) 

Construct a catapult that will launch your pumpkin the farthest distance! 



Jumbo popsicle sticks 

Rubber band 

masking tape 

plastic spoon 

mini pumpkins 

Mrs. Uysal 


K-1st grade: Merhaba! We will learn the colors in Turkish this week. You can watch this video and hear how the words are pronounced. You can also color the attached sheet and label the colors in Turkish.  


3-4th grade: We will be adding some more terms into the topic of "introduce yourself in Turkish". This week, we will learn how to say our age and where we are from in complete sentences. You can use this link   or you can go to, search for my quizlet profile "betulozdil" and click on "Introducing yourself in Turkish" and keep practicing the terms in different steps such as in flashcards, matching games etc.