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by Ashley Rogan - Friday, July 24, 2020, 1:35 PM

Dear RCSA Innovation Families,

As you are making your choices for which education format best fits your needs, please be aware of the difference between RCSA Distance Education and Duval Homeroom. If you selected Option 2: Distance education for your child’s educational plan at RCSA Innovation for Quarter 1, you DO NOT Need to take any additional steps in Focus.

RCSA Distance Education is the online plan for our current students to take courses taught by our teachers. As an RCSA Distance Education student, you would receive the same benefits and opportunities as all RCSA students: smaller class sizes, experienced and highly-effective teachers, a strong sense of community, and specialized programs to fit your child's needs. In addition you also have a spot when you choose to have your child go back to face-to-face education.

Duval Homeroom is not RCSA platform. Duval Homeroom is for students to enroll in their neighborhood schools. This would disenroll you from RCSA, giving up your spot, and you would not be able to attend at a later point in the year. Duval Homeroom is not taught by our teachers, and is in no way associated with RCSA Innovation.

We have sent you a survey for you to choose RCSA Distance Learning program or face to face program. Please fill out our survey or call front office to update your response and you don’t need to do anything else at this point

If you have not already taken the survey, please click this link:

The results of this survey will help us better plan for the upcoming school year. Please complete a separate survey for each of your children enrolled in RCSAI. We appreciate your participation.

****If you have already taken the survey but have changed your mind about In Person or Virtual please call the front office: 904-855-8010 ext. 3