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Summer Volleyball Training

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Summer Volleyball Training
by Ashley Rogan - Friday, May 22, 2020, 8:32 AM

Summer Volleyball Drills (Middle School Girls)

Dear parents and guardians,

The following links will help your child expand their volleyball skills over the summer. As of now, our volleyball league still plans on starting the season on August 29th. Therefore, I plan on having tryouts the 2nd week of school, which is August 17th – August 21st. As you can tell, there’s not much prep time to work on basic drills when school starts, so practicing over the summer will be beneficial to your child’s volleyball development. My email is if you have any questions.

Serving: Remember the net is 7’ 4” high. The length of the serve is 30’.

“Overhand Serve Drill”

“Underhand Serve Drill”

“Advanced Serves”

At-home Drills:

(Last 2 minutes of video aren’t volleyball related)

Passing & Setting




Receiving the Serve:

Note: The videos posted above are all recommendations for you to practice at home. There are hundreds of other volleyball videos online that can also help with developing volleyball skills.