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6th Grade Checklist

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6th Grade Checklist
by Ashley Rogan - Friday, April 24, 2020, 12:02 PM

6th Grade Checklist 4/24-5/1 


  • Log into Connect DAILY for attendance 

  • Check your classes for any updates listed 



  • Monday- 1 Assigned I-ready 

  • Tuesday- 1 Assigned I-ready 

  • Wednesday: Edpuzzle Lesson 

  • Thursday: Edpuzzle Lesson 

  • Friday: Podcast Friday 


Advanced ELA: 

  • Monday- Read Chapters 12-15 

  • Tuesday- Complete the Big 3 and summaries on chapters 12-15 

  • Wednesday- Edpuzzle lesson 

  • Thursday- Edpuzzle Lesson 

  • Friday- Podcast Friday 


World History: 



  • Pearson “Investigate” section 

  • Pearson “Synthesize” section 

  • Pearson Lesson 3 Check and Quiz 


  • You have "you are a meteorologist" project for this week. It is a first test grade of quarter 4. Due date is May 4th. 

  • You will submit your project to RCSA Connect under assignment tab. Do not send it via email.  

  • All requirements and rubric in the RCSA Connect. 

Advanced Math:  

  • You have SBA benchmark about multi step Equations in connect. 3 attempt, highest grade. 25 questions. After each attempt you will see your mistakes and you will work on your mistakes in next attempt. (Like we do in class before spring break). 

  • SBA will remain open until May 4th, at 09:00 am. if you don't attempt until this time, the system will mark your grade as a missing grade.  

  • First test grade for Q4. 



  • Long-term two-week project-Recycled Art 


  • Unit 5 Data and Society Lesson 9 & 10  

  • REFLECT your thoughts. 50 words 


  • Alien Travel Guide/Talk It Out Activity in the Critical Thinking Workbook (was completed whole group during class, if they did not attend class they may complete and submit)