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7th Grade Assignments 4/20-4/24

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7th Grade Assignments 4/20-4/24
by Ashley Rogan - Friday, April 17, 2020, 3:17 PM

7th Grade Checklist 4/20-4/24


  • Log into Connect DAILY for attendance 

  • Check your classes for any updates listed 



  • Use the POV2 file attached to the assignment 

  • Use the POV anchor chart to help you with this lesson 

  • You can type your answers directly into Connect.  Click on the assignment, scroll down, slick "add submission", type your answers in the text box, click submit  

  • You can also send it to me in an email or picture or take a picture using the Remind app 

  • Achieve: “Frozen in Time”  

  • I-ReadyPass to “Green Lessons” (path lessons); passing two lessons will get you 100%, passing one lesson will get you a 50% 


Int. Reading: Plus, regular ELA Assignments above 

  • Achieve: “Tough Times on Easter Island” 



  • Supreme Court Quiz (in Google Classroom) 

  • County Nearpod Assignment ( 



  • Interactivity: Mystery Mutation 

  • Quiz: Water Pollution 



Intensive Math:  

  •  Complete 1 I-Ready lesson 

  • Complete the Study Island Lesson: Ratios and Ratio Language 


  • List 6 different components of the cassette tape and they are to submit them via email or connect 


  •  Please check connect for the assignment.