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7th Grade Checklist

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7th Grade Checklist
by Ashley Rogan - Tuesday, April 14, 2020, 8:22 AM

7th Grade Checklist 4/13-4/17 



  • Log into Connect DAILY for attendance 

  • Check your classes for any updates listed 



  • Point-of-View Passages 1 

  • Files will be uploaded as an attachment to the assignment in Connect 

  • Students can print the document to send pictures or scans, or type directly into Connect by pressing the "add submission" button 

  • Students type their answers directly into Connect will need to label is passage within the assignment (passage 1, passage 2, etc.) 

  • I-Ready “Analyzing Persuasive Techniques” 

  • Achieve: “You’re Majoring in What?” and “Get Some Sleep!” 


Int. Reading: Plus, regular ELA Assignments above 

  • Achieve: “Voices from the Past” 



  • Supreme Court Case Study (3 cases, in Google Classroom) 



  • Poll: "How to Use Water" 

  • eText: Water Pollution 

  • Interactivity: "Water Cycle, Interrupted" 



  • Study Island-Proportional Relationships 

  • Proportions Practice Activity-Located in connect 

  • Complete 1 I-Ready Teacher Assigned Lesson 

Intensive Math:  

  • IXL Practice-Multi-Step Word Problems 

  • Complete 1 I-Ready lesson (This means you should have 2 lessons completed total for your math classes.) 


  • Assignment in Connect 


  •  Write a conversational dialogue about parts of the house (Students will start doing this activity during our zoom meeting so they should not do the assignment earlier)