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8th Grade Assignment Checklist

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8th Grade Assignment Checklist
by Ashley Rogan - Monday, April 6, 2020, 9:30 AM

8th Grade Checklist 4/6-4/10 




  • Log into Connect DAILY for attendance 

  • Check your classes for any updates listed 



  • LA: Kahoot! Challenge (select students: check Weekly Plans) 

  • Novel Reading Assignment 


Int. Reading: 

  • One iReady Teacher-assigned Lesson 


US History: 

  • Andrew Jackson Fight Club Poster Project  



  • Photo Challenge (instructions on Connect) 

  • EText “Producing Useful Materials” and submit 



  • Class Discussion “Food for Thought” Pearson Realize 

  • Read eText “Protsists” and submit 

  • Interactivity “Protsists” 



  • Khan Academy Lesson and Exercises “Scientific Notations” 

  • Quiz on Connect on Wednesday 

  • Study Island due Friday 



  • Khan Academy Lesson and Exercises "Simplifying Polynomial Expressions" 

  • Quiz on Connect on Wednesday 

  • Study Island due Friday 


INT Math: 

  • I-Ready Lesson 

  • Khan Academy Video Lesson (information in Connect) 



  • CIW Lesson 9 (DIT)  

  • Unit 5 Data and Society Lesson 1-4  

  • REFLECT your thoughts. 50 words  



  • Nearpod Assignment #3 (link in Connect) 

  • Senor Wolly Assignments: 

  • Billy Bufanda y las Botas (with 2 nuggets) 

  • Billy Bufanda y las Botas 2 (with 2 nuggets)